I am forever changed. I try, but neither my mind, nor my fingers can find the letters to string together the sentences that accurately describe what the trip to Africa meant to me.  It’s incredible that this small town girl, born & raised in NC, was asked to travel around the world to experience something so extraordinary! I traveled with a beautiful mix of people and shared a life-changing and soul-stretching adventure. Few moments in life become so deeply embedded that one becomes a better person by them. Thank you Denise, I will never forget this experience & the remarkable way you change everything for the better!


You gave a gift to so many that most of us take for granted. Oh how they love to learn! There are many kids that don’t get to come to school each day, so they gather by the fence excited to watch.

“How are you? How are you?”



I remember seeing a sad movie in school.  Sitting among my classmates, I dared not cry so the knot in my throat extended to the pit of my stomach where it grew and grew. I held it there not wanting to show the sadness and admiration for the incredible love shared between the boy and Lassie.  Visiting Africa felt similar to that knot (times a trillion).  I’m confused because the sadness was a blend of so many other emotions I couldn’t identify. Love is so powerful when you mix that with loss and hardships it can completely change you. Every single soul I met in Africa chose to rise above their hardships to love, smile, laugh, hold hands and break a lollipop into pieces to share. I felt so humbled and awakened to this new way of seeing the world where colors are brighter and happiness is so much simpler than I thought it could be.

Michelle and I made our way across the playground holding hands. Every so often she would glance up at me with those big brown eyes so full of love and forgiveness. Even though she spoke very little English her smile says Everything!


I imagined bringing Michelle home, introducing her to her sisters, picking out jammies, laughs, trips to the park and our new life together. The knot I felt in my stomach slowly faded before it was time for me to leave because I realized how happy Michelle is at Seeds, her home full of love & hope. She is a beautiful Dreamer & I  love & miss her so much!

Looking at my life though the iPhone the children held, it suddenly felt over-complicated and a little silly. I saw joy in a game of tic tac toe drawn in the dirt. It didn’t matter that my shirt was dirty or my hair a mess. Everyone was equal. For the first time in my life it was ok to just be. No expectations, just hands to hold.


hope is a light that shines in the dark

depending on one other to give off a spark


I hear your voice

I see your sweet face


by the light of the lanterns

and in the magical sky

I wonder why


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