I have been photographing this little angel since she was three months old. It’s true that time flies. .

. much so

that each & every passing day I cherish photography more. Sometimes, late at night while editing it really hits me just how precious these fleeting moments are. That for a small window of time our kids are kids. That splashing in salty water & collecting seashells is all that truly matters in that moment. As we grow, things become so complicated. I admire the sweet innocence of truly being lost in a moment like this. Being able to capture those moments & make time stand still is such a dream come true for me!

Hold on to each & every moment! Not to long from now you’ll smile through tears while holding the memory & wonder how it all passed so quickly. My Am is 13 & I’d give anything to go back to seashells & sand castles, if only for a moment.

Here’s a flash back for ya,

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