Frozen Birthday Party – She’s Five!

Oh my goodness – where does the time go?!  Our baby is five Y’all ! FrozenParty_14

We officially celebrated Londyn’s Fifth Birthday today.  It brings me so much happiness to see her friendships grow.  Dad made her cake again this year I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it all come together.  He cut out each snowflake and layered them with other snow flakes and tea lights. My husband amazes me! He really is my dream guy! I’ll never forget meeting him – ah hem . .. or introducing myself after weeks of seeing him around town. I have never been more nervous in my life. Thank goodness I have always had the attitude to go for it or you will never know. This was the chant in my head as I made my way to his truck in a gas station parking lot. I was in Real Estate at the time and shy-fully handed him my business card. Two weeks later ( = Eternity) he called. So just a little lesson to everyone – go for your wildest dreams! Your dream guy may call, and he may even bake like cake boss!

We have been making play dough lately so I thought it would be fun to make white glitter play dough as our party favors. Here is the recipe

Backdrop available here

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