Forever my little girl

I remember using all my extra money to buy and develop film. I have thousands of photos of my daughter and nothing makes me happier than pulling out an old box and reliving her precious childhood again….and again. I hold photos in my hand and wonder how that moment faded with time because once I see the photo the moment comes rushing back.

Soon, I’ll reflect on this moment. My little girl is now a teenager. She pushes away & holds on to me at the same time. Our relationship is a see saw of emotions.

Nevertheless I hold on, knowing she still needs me. Wishing so much we could go back to days at the park when she was content feeding the birds and going double on the swings.

I asked her Sunday afternoon if she would like to do a photo shoot. To my surprise she said yes. We had so much fun trying on dresses. The weather took a turn and I felt sad that the shoot might not work. Moments before sunset the house was filled with beautiful light. Once I was outside I saw the most beautiful rainbow that stretched from one side of the sky to the other. I knew this moment was perfect. We rushed to the beach and this is the scene that unfolded. It was pure magic – the most surprising kind. Life is funny that way, sometimes you have to face the storms to truly appreciate the way God takes his paint brush to the sky.

My Amberlee, a beautiful young woman now, but forever my little girl.

Love you Amberlee,


Holden Beach, NC Genie Leigh Photography

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