Matilda Jane Art Fair 2013

I was thrilled to be an event photographer at Art Fair this year! Only the most amazing PARTY Ever!!! It really was absolutely incredible! Everyone was smiling and making memories! Though Denise wasn’t there this year I could feel her in the details! It was all so beautiful – not just the decorations but the spirit of so many coming together to celebrate Matilda Jane.  These beautiful clothes began an ever growing story of love & friendships. I returned home so inspired. My favorite part was getting to tour Matilda Jane headquarters! Scratch that my favorite part was smiling through tears while everyone sang Happy Birthday to Denise during the Over The Rainbow party.

I wasn’t able to blog all the photos taken during art fair but can email pictures to anyone wanting a copy. Just leave a comment with your email address in this post & I’ll send a link right over.
. …so without further ado I’ll let the pictures do the talking

 Matilda Jane Clothing

Please also check out The Mighty Acorn Foundation .  This link takes you to a video we saw at Art Fair so you can learn more about the Foundation and how you can help.


Hello Friends