truly become more precious by the day! I was meant to be a photographer before I even realized it! I have always been a reflective person. I remember holding my oldest as a baby noticing how the morning light lit up her eyes as I rocked her by the window in our room. No matter how long the night was everything was always beautiful in that warm morning light. I would tell myself to hold on to the feeling of how she fit perfectly in my arms because I knew all too soon she would be finding her way and with that would come distance between us. I look back at photos and realize some moments may have slipped away if it weren’t for the gentle reminder of a photograph.

Yesterday, I typed Londyn in my search option of my computer. I quickly scrolled until I stopped dead in my tracks to this photo.

My baby at 22 months – just before two years old. Big eyes full of love & imagination.

Another that caught my eye! Sweet Sisters


Hello Friends