Nakupenda Africa

Since my return from Africa I see the world in a new way. Colors are brighter & what I thought were problems have faded away. I find myself lingering in moments and realizing how time with loved ones is what truly matters. I think of the friends I made everyday and will never ever forget them.

The kids in Africa rarely get candy. We gave out lollipops & watched through tears as the children would break them into pieces to share. I have never seen such kindness all around.

Sweet sweet Michelle (Pictured below with sweet Teddy) was over the moon when I handed her a coca cola in the bottle. I will never forget her smile!

The children were so patient as they tried to teach me & my HEAVY southern accent how to speak Swahili. Even when I knew I was saying it Riiiiigghhttt they couldn’t tell – hahaha

I’m still putting the finishing touches on the BIG Africa blog post but couldn’t wait to share a few photos. The Mighty Acorn Foundation along with Matilda Jane clothing put together an incredible team! Seeing the amazing work that is being done left me inspired to dig deeper, try harder & mean more! Getting to room with the MJ girls, hang out with Denise & her closest, sitting outside at night talking with DW about the day, so many memories I will cherish forever!

Genie Leigh Photography Africa Falling Hearts Genie Leigh Photography Africa

The children LOVE school! Genie Leigh Photography Africa Genie Leigh Photography Africa Genie Leigh Photography Africa

PROMISE TONS more coming!

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