New Beginnings

It started about 2 years ago when I was constantly sick and felt tired all the time. I began to worry that something was wrong. I went to several different Dr’s hoping to figure out what was going on. Dr. Andrew informed me that he felt I was fine and that based on what I was telling him, I hold stress in my stomach. Stress, diet, lack of exercise and sleep was taking a tole on my mental and physical being.  He urged me to find a stress relief and suggested Yoga. I left his office confused but, some what relieved. The following week I decided to join the gym. I can still remember walking in and finding that it was hard to take that first step towards change. The first day felt impossible. By the end of the second week I began to change my eating habits. I felt that working out made no since if what I was putting into my body was crap! I always think about how they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before you try to help someone else when flying & for the first time in so long I started putting myself first. That one hour a day with just me and my headphones zoning out from the world began to relieve so much of my stress. That combined with a change in my diet was making the difference I so desperately needed. Slowly the brain fog, lack of energy and anxiety began to fade. I then began to see changes in my body and feel so much better.

What began as something I dreaded became something I LOVE! You really don’t understand how bad you feel until you you start to feel well and take care of your body & mind.

Once I opened the studio instead of having daytime hours with nights & weekends with my family, I worked more. My wonderful clients still adored my outdoor – natural light photography so I actually got busier. No matter how hard I tried to delegate or cut back it all got the best of me. Pretty soon there I was thrilled with how successful the studio was and truly flattered that clients would travel to me for sessions. But I was slipping. Time with my family was rare and it made me sad that no matter how hard I worked there was always more to do. I had gotten so consumed it literally took me completely resetting on a new path to get back to myself.

Thinking of being sick will really make you think about how your spending your time & what your priorities are. I knew my number one priority is to be healthy.

I decided to close the studio for now and take some time to get re-inspired. I took time to reflect on what made me pick up my camera in the first place. What is it that makes time stand still & my heart skip at the same time? How could I get back to my passion and creative voice? The answer was time

I needed time

Time to read bedtime stories

Time to write ..

Time to reflect

and Daydream

time to put the phone down and focus on nothing but the moment right in front of me. I’m back & feeling passionate. I have decided I want to wait to re-open a new studio for a little while. I’m still a FULL time photographer offering on-location sessions. I want to get back into doing creative sessions and specialize in child photography. Children are my heart and I love how unfiltered they are. I will be offering Family, wedding, child, High School senior and some in-home newborn sessions. Right now Im planning our spring Mini sessions and getting butterflies! They are going to be amazing!

XoXO Meg










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