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Join Genie Leigh Photography on a Journey to learn how to get the most from your Digital DSLR. We will discuss how to get your camera out of Automatic mode allowing you to utilize light to create those Dreamy photographs you will cherish forever! I go over specific settings with tips & tricks that have built my photography business.

We also go through the vital basics of caring for & selecting the right equipment to capture those precious memories.

Light is THE most important element to a great photograph.
Photography is painting with light.  We will share crucial information to working in different types of light. We will also touch on how to get around tough light situations and breaking through to a more
creative image.

Attention to detail. What to look for when taking a photograph – little things that make a big impact on your final image.

Getting away from Automatic mode and utilizing the settings that control how much light is recorded as you push the shutter is like an artist knowing the stroke of their paintbrush. Shooting in automatic mode is Paint by number – You’re limited on the final outcome. I want you to break free from Automatic and venture into a world with beautiful light that hugs your memories and keeps them safe for you to reflect, cherish & remember.  I hold nothing back as I share everything I wish I knew when I started out in photography.


A review from Erin – If you are completely intimidated by your DSLR camera and convinced you will never get your camera off of auto, you NEED this! After the very first day of beginning this course my eyes were opened to photography. What I love so much about this book is that everything is broken down so nicely and hard to understand concepts are made clear and easy to learn. There is no question your photography will improve a million times over…and quickly! An added bonus is the beautiful Genie Leigh Photography pictured throughout. It will give you so much creative inspiration and keep you motivated to continue. This tutorial does not disappoint, I would recommend it to anyone that wants to really learn to use their DSLR camera. The cost is a steal for all the amazing photos and memories you will be capturing afterward!”

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I taught this online class about a year ago to a group of Moms wanting to get away from Automatic mode. It is great to have a DSLR camera but there is still LOTS to learn regardless of your photography experience.

Here is a recent review – Notice the comment section of the post. What a beautiful photo & beautiful editing Karolina! Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 8.29.12 AMKarolina also used the Sail Away preset collection to edit her photo.

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