Quick Getaway

Since opening the studio I have never been busier! We had 32 sessions for the month of August which is so incredible! I wish I was able to share every single session but the truth is I can barely keep up with the editing!

We snuck away for an overnight stay in Raleigh, NC since my oldest had a soccer game as she plays for a travel team. It was wonderful to wake up to the crisp fall weather! I wanted to share a few photos because I really am still here 🙂 I always try to take personal photos and nothing makes me happier than capturing the sweet & simple moments of my family.


My Amberlee has always been a soccer girl! The last two photos show how fast she is! Her footwork is amazing but the determination and commitment she shows for her sport gets me the most!

Genie Leigh Photography Raleigh NC Genie Leigh Photography

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