Sunset Beach Portraits

We received the best compliment on facebook today. I literally found myself in tears. When you work really REALLY hard & fight like heck to follow your dreams it’s easy to get so wrapped up in what you’re trying to accomplish that you forget why the dream began – This was such an awesome, heart warming reminder to do what you love, because you love it.

I found my love for photography because I’m extremely sentimental. I love being able to make time stand still. Sometimes I dig through old photo albums and several hours and a couple tissue boxes later realize how heartbroken Id be to forget a single moment of my girls growing up. I also love knowing that they will always have a place to go to relive those special times.

Jackie wrote;

“Megan’s work is truly magical. Her creative and unique processing, the way in which she captures light and children and the amazing imagination that touches each of her images just screams childhood to me. Her ability to combine whimsy and real life is so special and whenever she pops up in my newsfeed I just swoon.I love how you can just feel what she felt capturing her images. I love that you can feel what her subjects are feeling as well.Congrats on by pass of 1600 fans! I see alot more coming with your Amazing work! xo”

Thank you Jackie – for totally making my day & reminding what this dream is all about! I have a partner that can’t wait to join me full time. Gina of Genie Leigh is where & why it all began – I love you Momma!

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